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Hello Wadeshuzzie and welcome to our family, glad to hear you are bringing home a new grey.

First let me ask some questions, how old is this grey, do you have any other birds?

I hope you are getting a weaned baby grey and not handfeeding unless you have experience with it. Why don't you tell us more about you and how you came to get a grey?

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hey welcome here, hope you have a nice time here, enjoy seeing photos soon :)

How olds the grey ?

to stop feather plucking you need a decent size cage enough for he/she to spread/flap its wings, different kind of toys - different materials, so she can play and pluck them.

and perches made of different kinds of wood, this is a link for all the safe wood http://www.mdvaden.com/bird_page.shtml

i only know this cause of learning, and peoples help and advice on here.


Welcome and enjoy :D

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