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Your Grey's Diet


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Hello My Lovlies


I was just wondering what do you feed your grey in a day


A friend of mine feeds her grey veggies and fruit for brekkie and pulses and cooked beans for lunch and then his grey seed mix for tea?


I know this isnt in very much detail but I was wondering in an average day what you feed you greys?


Many Thanks nooeyx and Mojo x

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Mine have soaked pulses along with fruit.

Somedays they have porridge made with water with a little natural honey or wholemeal toast.On other days they have a soaked tropical fruit mix in the morning & the pulses in the evening.

They have veg everyday sometimes for lunch, sometimes for dinner/tea.

They have access to their food allday & they tend to have their seed in the evening before they settle for bed.

I think if you rotate things around Mojo will not get bored with the foods you give him, the same as us i'm sure they dont want the samething for dinner everyday ;)

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Josey get a little oatmeal with baby food in it for breakfast. I fill her bowl in her cage with dried fruit, veggies and seed mix, another bowl with pellets and another with various fresh veggies. Sometimes I hang a kabob with veggies and fruit in her cage. She eats on this during the day while I am at work, and then she eats off my plate at the evening meal, whatever I am having that she can have. They enjoy a variety of foods like we do.

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