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Fruit flies!


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I'm ashamed :eek:


I have fruit flies (or gnats)...I KNOW it's because Sully takes pieces of fruit or whatever and hides them UNDER his cage when I leave his door open... Clever...right? yeah.... something that I wish he WOULDNT do :)


Anyway, Anyone have a clue as to how to get rid of them? Sully hates them too because when he's sitting on his cage, I will see him snapping at the air trying to catch them. There aren't A LOT, but enough to where when I put his food in his cage in the morning, they are there when I pull out the veggies at 10 or 11 o'clock. Annoying, dirty, and GROSS!


Any help :( ?

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Because the area that you get the flys is small, you can go to Home Depot and go into the garden supply area and look for the item called Bug Zapper. They come in many sizes--very small to the ones used for out doors. This item is meant to kill flies, mosquitos, small moths and other tiny flying insects. It's a device that has a small bulb in it and the bulb is surrounded by an electric grid. The insect is attracted to the light, flies to it, touches the grid and is electrocuted and falls straight down.. You would only need the tiny size and it has to be put in an area where your bird can't get to it. There's not a lot of ways to get rid of fruit flies because most fruit flies are usually involved where people put their food trash. The most common way of getting rid of them is pesticides which aren't good near a bird. With the Zapper, you would only have to sweep them up periodically. They cost about $15 for the small one up to $75 for the large outdoor models.

Other very large dept stores also have them.

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Take a small dish and put an inch or so of cider vinegar in it and add couple of drops of dishsoap. Stir it gently and set it somewhere near where they are worst but out of your birds reach. You may have to reset the trap a few times but within a few days you will be rid of the darn pests. Cheap and effective. I know because my son started collecting banana peels in his bedroom once. Yuck!!

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