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Corky and Cricket are friends.!!??

Ray P

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In the last 18 or 19 months Corky and Cricket have become friends or atleast tolerate each other

They are out together always under suppervison but they seam to do there owe thing.

Cricket has a history of being very nasty with other birds but she has come a long way in the time she has been with us.

It`s nice that we can have them out together for breakfast and they will evean eat together(not always the case in the past). I gess they can change better than we can.

When the wife starts breakfast they both let us know they want out to join us




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Oh I am so jealous!!


LOL I second that!! Here, we add a german shepard to the excitement. Phenix is revisiting the stage where I can't take my eyes off him for a second without his finding a way to torment the poor dog. :P I think he deliberately antagonizes her into doing things because he knows I have to "yell" at her & can't "yell" at him.


The resulting sounds of joy & laughter are not those of one big happy family. So I really envy you!!

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