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Bathing problem solved.


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I have been following a bathing discussion on the Avian cognition forum at yahoo groups

and I have posted my comment here for the benefit of this forum.


Misty is not keen on entering the shower. I have tried but no ..he is definitely not keen! I have a plant mister that I use but even that is not always successful.

He has a love hate relationship with the spray bottle. It has its uses though because if he sees me so much as touch it he will normally fly direct to my shoulder because he realises that I am less likely to squirt him there ! I have mentioned this before. However if he is in the mood for a good wetting he will hold his ground and flap like mad as I spray him.

He says shower when I use it on him. He also says it when he comes to the bathroom and I turn on a tap (Faucet in American) or operate the shower.



Sometimes when he wants a good splash he would try unsuccessfully to bathe in the water bowl on the end of his tee bar. Try as he might he just could not fit in!




But I found a solution to the Grey sized bath problem. I bought a large plant pot dish and filled it with water.

As soon as he saw hit he said "Showa" and jumped in.




It still only gets his underside wet but that is the part I could never get with the mister.


Steve n Misty





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