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Look who's birdie is a Just Tomatoes Fan?


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I ordered some too from the same store mybirdsafestore, and I got some palm nuts. I cant wait til I get them! And I orders some tops pellets to try and one of her mixes. Thanks again lovethatgrey for another great recommendation. Kathie was so nice and she gave me a veggie wash recipe too!

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I did not get the palm nuts with this shipment, but Kathie said she will be shipping them when she gets them no charge in a couple days so I did not have to wait for my other stuff I guess, thanks! I also got a free little shoe foot toy and it was all package nicely. Babalu even took a few bites of the new pellets, TOPS. I hope maybe we can switch him over from Harrisons, and TOPS is cheaper and seems to have better ingredients (no salt). I have not tried to mybirdsafestore mix yet, I got the one with the toys mixed in. Thanks again for recommending this store!

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