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Georgia (:


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As you all may know we have a parrot called Georgia, her last owner named her Georgia, and because shes learned to say her name, we have kept it.

shes a year and a half we have had her since thursday affternoon who we got off the internet, because the owner was ill and couldn't look after her anymore, so thats where we took her on (: we bought her and the cage for £500

Shes a good girl, she says Georgia and Come On georgia from what her last owner learnt her, and today shes started saying Come On Dodger - the name of our kitten and making a meow noise like a cat were so proud of her hehe ;)

she can somtimes bite us, but i guess every African Grey is like that, and she is not very tamed, but a few days ago she came on mine and my boyfriends hand, out of know where, and today when she was back on the sofa, my boyfriend put his hand and she just stepped onto it, so i guess its her mood, sometimes she will climb on, other times she backs away and wants to bite lol, we have never heard her scream or anything like that.

we let her out the cage every affternoon and shes always out on the curtain pole for like 5hours lol she says different words, and whistles and makes different tunes shes so adorable were going to get her some new toys at the weekend, we like this toy that she will have fun chewing and plucking, and a large ladder she can climb down from her cage, she doesnt really bother with the toys she has but i guess its cause shes still settling in, we bought her a nice wooden perch with a spinning thing at the end, she loves to sit on that, were gonna try and get her all different sorts of wooden branches for her cage, and make a play stand with a plastic base, and different branches coming out with toys hanging off, ive seen some on here you guys have made and there really good!

ill have to post pictures on here when we finally get the bits and peices we need and its finished

has anyone got any good tips?

Well thought i tell you guys about Georgia (:

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Thank you for sharing = )


Greys can be a bit funny about interacting. They tend to do what they want on their terms, I guess that comes with being a bird of high intelligence!


As far as toys go, I would highly recommend a "boing", a large metal spiral covered in rope, that can be used as a perch and a swing. Cleo spends many hours chilling on hers, taking in the scenery and pooping on the dog who likes to lie underneath it. She has also figured out how to make it swing, by throwing herself forward so she is upside down, then flapping her wings furiously.

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Thanks, yeah they tend to change there minds lol.

yeah we really want want to get one of the spiral toys was gonna buy this one that was on ebay, but sady its gone, we will have to keep looking around, they look really good and attractive to the cage

awww haha poor dog ! (:

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Georgia sounds like a sweetheart and is getting along GreYt in your home. YOu are doing everything just fine in letting her go at her own pace.


Thanks for the background story and how she is interacting with you already. Some are not so lucky. It sounds like you are already picking up on her body language which is great. The stand and items you described sound like a good way for her just hang out with the flock. :)

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Georgia is doing well so far to have only been in your home for a few days and yes it is perfectly normal for them to not want to interact sometimes, after all they have a mind of their own and like to make some decisions for themselves, I think you are doing just fine so keep up the good work.

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