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Introducing another parrot


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Hi all!


Soo.. My Luna is 6 months old now and as wonderful as can be. I usually watch a good friend of mine's Amazon when she goes away and the time has come yet again! The only issue is that previously I didn't have my own parrot =) sooo I'm wondering what the best way to intro them is. Both are very happy well adjusted birds but Im preparing myself for every outcome.


Lucy (the amazon) will be here for a week this time, but she is due back ion OCT and I know I will have her many other times in the future so I figure it's best to start adjusting Luna to other birds while she's still young.


Any suggestions? Thanks! :P

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I say don't inturduce them at all. You need to keep them in separate rooms.

You never know what bugs/germs the other parrot may carry but be immune to.

Even when you buy a new bird you have to QT for 30 to 45 days.

Even if you ignore that advice you still can't really let them be together unless your are prepared for the possible emergency trip to the vet.

I have seen birds get a foot of beak ripped off before anyone can stop them. And this was parrots that are watched when out together.

So if you decided to let them in the same room make sure they stay in their own space it takes a long time and slow work to try and let birds "play" together and unless they are the same species IMO it is never a good idea.

Even my pet quakers are not allowed to play together.<br><br>Post edited by: Tari, at: 2007/08/22 01:57

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This is so true, what Tari said about the quarantee period, you would not want your bird to pick anything up from the amazon or vice versa.


And even if they were in the same room, you cannot allow them to get near each other, for one could hurt the other before you knew what was going on, I wouldn't want to take the risk.


It is nice of you to be able to take care of a friend's bird when they go away and I hope she can do the same for you to return the favor.:)

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Yes that is scary, I saw a photo in Bird Talk magazine, of a bird that another bird had ripped its beak off and it was not a pretty sight, in fact I was sick to my stomach after I saw that. It survived but it has to be spoon or syringe fed since it cannot handle foods typically eaten.

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Guest briansmum

yes, i'm afraid i have to agree with the others. keep them in seperate room, maybe so they can hear eachother, they may enjoy having another bird to chat to for a while. but i'm sure both your birds are far too precious to you to risk the worst happening.

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