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Things our other birds say


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I saw this post about what greys say but my grey is a closet talker and I can't post there. lol

But I thought it would be fun to learn what our other birds say and what kind of bird they are.

I'll start.

My Topaz (blue quaker) is starting to really get clear with her speach.

So far I can make out.


Pretty Bird

Good Bird

I love you

Its early yet as she is only 3 months old and even others can understand Hello now not just me. So she is getting better.

Ok your turn......<br><br>Post edited by: Tari, at: 2007/08/22 00:46

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Well, my budgie used to say a bunch of stuff. I can't remember them all just now, but below were a few of his favorites(watch out, some were nasty, he was around me and roommates in college years!!):



Good boy!

Gimme a kiss!

I'm Lucky!

Good Baby!

Come here Lucky, Come here!

Hey Baby!

I love you

I love you Baby

I'm Luck you

Lucky baby!

F#*$ you!

F#*$ me!

F#*$ me baby!

F#*$ y


Ha Ha Ha (funny laugh)

Cat call whistle

all kinds of other whistles


It was amazing as his pronunciation was completely clear. There is more I may remeber with some thought. He lived 13 yrs.


ps, if anyone thinks some of the things I wrote above are inappropriate for the site let me know and I'll remove them. I won't be offended and hope I am not offending anyone else. I think that way I presented it is OK, but just let me know. My grey has not learned one profanity (yet). I won't be the one to teach her, but she is learning so fast now all it may take is her hearing something once that she likes!!

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No it is not ok with me, I am offended by those remarks, Mark, how dare you post such filth on this site.:ohmy:


Gotcha!!!!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Your ok with me, Mark, I am just pulling your leg, I couldn't resist the opportunity to get you on this one.




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