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Our New Grey

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We just got a 17 year old Grey. We have an Orange Wing Amazon as well, two dogs, and three cats. While we have always wanted a Grey, this was sort of a rescue mission. He was in a household htat had two children, one with severe birth defects, his cage was a dirty as I've ever seen a cage. He plucks around his neck and has orange stress marking on some feathers.


He seems to be adapting pretty well, given that it has just been a week. He talks up a storm and while he is still biting me, he will let me take him out of the cage on my hand and will step up when he is out of the cage. Any advice as to how to stop the biting is really welcome. My hands have scars all over them. Also any ideas as to how to stop the plucking.


We are having the vet look at him in a day or two. But we think he is going to be a happy fun addition to the family.



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Welcome Jedimaster and thank you for taking in an older grey in need of a good and loving home. Since you are an experienced parrot owner, you are introducing him to the new home well. :)


Letting him decide what and when he wants to interact and at what level is the best path. It is amazing you have had as much interaction with step-ups as you describe. He sounds like a wonderful Grey that has just been waiting for a home that has the time and love to give him he yearns for.


To stop the biting, please pay very close attention to his body language. Also, ask before you start moving your hand or arm for a step-up or try to give a scratch. He is very intelligent, knows human language and will show you through body language long before he bites if you give him the option by asking and observing. :)


I am looking forward to hearing more about how the vet visit went and seeing photos when you get a chance, :)

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Hello Jedimaster and welcome to our family, congrats on taking in this grey in need of a new forever home.

We have some threads here that deal with those biting issues but you are still in his settling in period and when he will feels more comfortable in his new home the bites may lessen especially as you learn to read his body language.

I am glad to hear he is scheduled for a vet visit to make sure he is healthy and do try to share a couple of pictures of him with us.

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This is an update on Simon, our "new" 17 year old. He has been talking up a storm for the past few weeks. Today he had a run in with one of our cats while he was walking around the house. He looked at the cat, said "How ya doing?" and the cat walked away. Simon doesn't seem to be afraid of much.


He steps up very well for both my wife and me. We can take him out of his cage with no problem. Petting him is anothe story. Sometimes he seems to love getting his head scratched. Other times, he really BITES! We're still trying to figure out how to tell which mood he is in.


We don't seem to be making much progress on his chest plucking. All he has on his chest is underdown. We see a lot of it in his cage as well, but like our Amazon,he is preening himself. We haven been through a moult yet, but I ma hoping that we can get some new feathers on his chest.


All in all, he seems to have adapted quite well. He love to eat all of the things that are fattening...Pasta, Bread, but he's not much for veggies or fruit. We'e continuing to try. He's a great addition to the family and is very funny. If we watch TV too late and he wants to go to bed; he asks "Are you tired?" If he wants out of his cage, he says: "Want to come out." We love him.

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Thanks for the update on Simon and he seems to be settling into his new home very nicely.

You have to respect the fact that Simon may not want to be touched or petted at times and he likes to be able to make that choice for himself so go with his wishes just as we ourselves have times we don't want to be messed with, take his cues and read his body language and if he is not in the mood then try again later.

What did the vet have to say about his plucking, it could be a well established habit by now and not much you can do to stop it.

Like a human child they only want to eat junk food but keep offering the healthy choices and he may decide to eat some one day.

All in all he seems to be adjusting to his new home quickly and has endeared himself into your hearts, you both are so blessed.

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