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It won't be long......


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And before I know it, Zoey will be coming out of the cage !


I am so excited about the progress Zoey and I have been making since I adopted her.

Not only does she let me scratch her head while my hand is in the cage, she drops her wings and lets me pet her "elbows". all without biting ! While she has been holding on to one of my fingers but reluctant to put her wieght on it for a while now, she finally stepped up last weekend and perched on my hand for about 5 minutes in the cage. Of course I just kept telling her what a good girl she was blah blah blah.....

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Wonderful news!!!


I have to say you are very patient and doing things very carefully to make this transition for Zoey a positive experience that you will both enjoy for many years.


I am looking forward to hearing and seeing much more as this progresses. :)

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