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Love + Patience + Time =


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I had to laugh. This sounds familiar. Phenix is just like that. He recently decided his boing was ok after having it in his cage for only 8 months.


Such a shame some fids are so hard to convince when it comes to the good stuff. I think parronts get extra patience points for all efforts beyond the first year, though. :)


Congratulations & thanks for sharing the video of the big break through.

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I thought you put the video on sideways on purpose to match the way Dorian is looking on the avatar, it couldn't have been more perfect. What a breath of fresh air to know my little guy is not the only one to look at something for months before taking an interest. Some things he picks right up and some things he ignores and suddenly discovers them as if it were something fresh and new. I am celebrating for you and Dorian. He looks like he has been swinging on that toy all of his life.

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You certainly have that process down pat, love + patience + time = success and a good reminder for everyone who has a cautious grey which includes most of us, she did take her time but now she is enjoying that and you are enjoying watching her play on it, thanks for sharing that video with us even if it was sideways, maybe Dee has a point!

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