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I had been giving my African Grey whole peanuts as a special treat or snack. A while ago I was looking up the foods that are bad for parrots to refresh my memory, and came across a few sites saying that peanuts aren't good. They explained that there is a risk of the peanuts containing a fungus that causes liver damage (in birds as well as squirrels and humans). However, many of the parrot seed mixes that I've bought contain peanuts, not to mention my bird absolutely loves them. Peanuts are also not listed in many places that have toxic food lists.


So the question is, can I finally buy him a new bag or should I find a new treat?

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I throw out all those peanuts in the shell that comes in with any bird mix I get and I buy human grade roasted unsalted peanuts to give my fids, most of those peanuts in the shell may be just fine but you never know when you might come across one with that fungus in it and it just isn't worth the risk, I really wish the companies that package those seed and nut mixtures would leave them out.

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