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Autumn olives??


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Just found my neighbor happily munching from a branch with a profusion of red berries. When I asked what she was eating, she said she didn't know but they were good & handed me a branch before I could say anything :eek:


Did some edible wild plant research & they've turned out to be called among other things Autumn Olive or Silver berry. Seems they're very good nutrition people food-wise. :) Excellent nitrogen fixing plants which unfortunately makes them bad from an invasive standpoint. :(


So, you know I couldn't see a branch heavy with bright red berries & not think the fids might really enjoy some. I've looked & I don't see them listed as being toxic. But I just thought I'd ask to be on the safe side.


And while I'm asking, we have an outrageous crop of acorns this year. I've been wondering if they're ok, too?

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