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Tobies wing feathers


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Good news. Tobie saw the vet a month ago or so and she pulled the stubs of the broken feathers that he chewed off. There were already two blood feathers growing in and all of the 5 that she pulled have grown back in. They came in all at once just as they did last winter. He still doesn't have a fully feathered wing. All of the new feathers are about three quarters grown and other that a few white lines across the oldest feather the feathers are perfect. They are in better shape than before. I beleive that there was a broken feather and a couple of stubs that were broken at skin level that the vet missed, but the main thing is that Tobie is no longer falling. No more injuries. He doesn't have to stay in the cage so much and I think at this point he could fly enough to avoid injury. He flew from the couch to Frank's chair last night when startled but hasn't spontaneously just taken flight yet. I'm still not letting him play on the playstand until the new feathers are fully grown. I don't know why this spring he began to break off the feathers again, but I feel confident that he will now fly again. I hope it will be long term.

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His short, unintended flight is a preview for you and I am guessing it was a surprise to Tobie as well. I am also in your corner with the best of wishes for a flighted Tobie forever and ever. Every time I read about someone else's grey regaining flight, I am thinking it will be our turn some day. Kopi hasn't had flight for over a year, he has one lonely little flight feather now and your success has made my heart sing with your joy.

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