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Louie is One Wet Amazon!!


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I mist my fids with aloe vera juice and water a couple of times a week, it certainly is helping Sully (ekkie) grow his feathers back. Ana Grey just loves being sprayed and there is a video around here somewhere showing her twirling and flapping in total delight. Anyway, I thought I would post a few pictures of Louie and his spraying session. He fluffs up his feathers like my daddy's old fighting cocks use to do (oops!). Louie still won't let me touch him but that's alright, he is very smart and goes into his cage at night time no problem so we get along just fine. Ana Grey still dive bombs him and he has started to beak back and say, "Stop that" (new words for Louie) shooing Ana Grey off. Ana Grey is about 1/3 Louie and Sully's sizes so good thing she is quick and they are just lumbering giants trying to get a pest to go away. Anyway, Louie's misting pictures!!!!



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