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Please help! Sick lovebird


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okay, so to make a long story short, my dad's lovebird is sick. She had a sickness a couple years ago that crippled her right foot. She just one day was sick... it lasted 3 or 4 days, She pulled through it, but is now sick again. same symptoms, but she fell to the bottom of her cage...


ANY ideas?

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Thanks Jayde and Azzie-

I told him to do the same thing. My father has prostate cancer and Juliet has been kind of a distraction for him. I really hope she pulls through. This happened around the same time of year last time this happened. The vet said at the time that she may have gotten very cold quickly. The vet gave her some dandelion root, and told us to pray and heep her on a heating pad. It worked! I believe her appt. is in a little bit, for now she's in an incubator. Please pray for her :( She hurt her wing when she fell as well, this may not be a very happy ending post. I'll keep everyone updated! <3

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Juliet is still hanging in there. The vet gave her dandelion root, and said without bloodwork, there is no telling what is going on with her. I'm not satisfied with that answer to say the least. Sadly, my parents cannot afford the blood work, especially with my father's cancer care costs on the rise.

I am heading over to my parents house in about an hour to take them some formula, a syringe, and babyfood. My dad says she is eating and drinking, but she just sits on the bottom of the incubator, with her beak resting on a perch. I figure the more food she eats, the better she will be...This is the same behavior as last time. She's nice and warm, and takes a bite of millet every few minutes my dad says.

She's on the root every couple of hours, and I'm sure my parents will be up with her through out the night. I will update soon. Thanks for your prayers everyone :)

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So sorry, Bless your Dad's sweet heart losing a pet is so very hard we just went thru the same thing ourselves losing a little bourke parakeet after 7 years woke up to find him on the bottom of his cage, Gabby my Grey ask for awhile where Little Bird is,and now she tells us that Little Bird has gone bye bye. I think she misses him too. We recently got a new baby TAG and Lucy my YNA called out "Hi Little Bird" To which Gabby (CAG) replied "No Little Bird gone bye bye" Lucy then said "OH" It was truly an amazing conversation that my husband and I marveled at and are still amazed at how very smart the birds are and know exactly what's going on.

I pray your Dad's heart heals soon.


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Thank you everyone. I spoke with my dad this morning and he is burying her today. He couldn't bare to do it in the middle of the night last night. He's putting her out in the yard next to the fence. She would always sit at the window and watch all the birds on the fence and tweet to them. She is being buried with her favorite toy... Thank you all for your continued prayers and thoughts. We need them :)


Here is a picture of sweet "Jules" as my dad called her.




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