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hi - new forum member

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hello- happy to be on this forum. I need all the info on TAGs that I can get.

I have a rehomed TAG that was given to me by a workmate. He felt he couldn't give her the attention she needed.

Apparently she talked up a storm at his house - and speaks very little with me. Makes me think that her talking was a way to get attention - and that isn't a problem for her any more.

I have had her 1 1/2 years now and just now feel as if we are getting to know each other really well. For the first time since I got her I don't have bird induced scabs on my hands. I think I am reading her better.


Recently had to take her to the vet for illness. Didn't know what was wrong with her - and it turned out she was egg bound. With two big eggs. he gassed her down and removed the one, the second burst in her, so I had an anxious few days while I waited for the shell to come out. She is all better now.


Now i just have to decide what to do about her name - Beckett. Yep - thought she was a boy!

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Hello, Kiwibarb, and welcome to the forum, glad you joined and I know you will love it here.


Maybe you can change her name to Beccy, that would still sound similar.


Sorry she was egg bound, I think about that possibility too as I have a female.


Maybe she will talk more now that you two are getting along better, glad she is not biting you now, but time will tell.


Post a picture of her if you have one, we love to see pics of the greys.:)

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Hello Kiwi and Welcome!


It certainly sounds like you have been giving great care and love to Beckett! :-)


There is a Ton of information on this Forum and many TAG and CAG owners that are more than capable of answering questions.


Thanks for joining our online Family and e look forward to hearing more from you and seeing some photo's when you get a chance to post them.

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Greetings and welcome. No doubt there are many knowledgable members here that will be willing to share. My guess is that as you continue to bond with Beckett, read her and she read you that the talking will become more and more frequent.


I am curious if you can share more on your experience with the egg binding. You mention you have had her now for 1.5 yrs. Do you know how old she is? Obviously reached sexual maturity. What were some of the symptoms you observed relating to the egg binding issue? Would be useful for other members to know some signs to look for as many have young birds and do not yet need to worry about this...but the time will come! B) We look forward to your participation. ;)

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thanks for the welcome - regarding the egg binding.

Beckett is 11 1/2 years old. Obviously she is sexually mature, and for months she has been courting me - calling me, dropping her wings and regurgitating to me. I had also given her a cardboard box to chew on = outside her cage, so when she was out she could chew on something other than wooden mouldings and lino. She is also in an area where she gets at least 12 hours of light.


all in all - a real recipe for disaster = so I found out.


i got home from work one day, and didn't hear from Beckett. She usually calls until I come and say hello and let her out of the cage.

I opened the cage dooor, adn she came out. She didn't strike me as being anything but quiet - and its hard to notice something that seems to be a good thing. After dinner I sat down to watch tv with Beckett on my shoulder.


She crouched down and wanted me to pet her head. She put her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes. She was also breathing hard.

I noticed that her poop was mainly urea - no green stuff. I really worried about her at this stage. I actually thought she might be dying. I ended up putting her in the cage and got up at 5 to see how she was, so I could decide if I needed to call in sick to take her to the vet.


She seemed better so i went on to work, and called the vet near the house. The avian vet wasn't there that day. I called the other one I knew, who thank god was able to see her that day.


He xrayed her and she was full of 2 eggs. the lowest one was sideways. I don't think there was any way that she could have laid it. He had to gas her down and take the egg out. the second egg burst when he touched it, so he left the shell in her rather than try to pull it out and possibly lacerate her.


Over the next couple of days she did better, even though I noticed a bulge at her cloacae. She eventually did pass the pieces of shell - but it could have gone so wrong.


I was very lucky to not lose my baby.I was lucky to know more than one vet that takes care of exotics. I was lucky to have the money to take her to said vet.

I am very lucky to be the proud grandmother of a beautiful egg!! :):lol:


I have removed her box, and limited the amount of light during the day. I also have increased the amount of calcium that she is getting. She is now a calmer bird, and just friendly, not horny.

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That is so scarry. My TAG is a female she well be 9 next month and so far she has not laid any eggs.

But I worry if she ever starts that this may be a problem.

I know that extra calcium well help keep the eggs for breaking inside them but I know of nothing to help keep them from getting egg bound.

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This worries all of us who have female birds, I know I am concerned but this thread serves a purpose of bringing that possibility to light and it will help us to notice if similar signs appear in ours. Thank you Kiwi for posting about this particular topic.:)

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That is true for those that have never breed or has birds this would be very helpful for them.

Fortantly even my breeder bird has yet to have this problem. She gets lots of extra calcium. I have also heard once they have a few eggs it is less likely to happen. Anyone else heard this?

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That was a very informative post Kiwibarb!


Thank you so much for articulating the process leading up to the Egg production, the indications of binding and the vet visit.


I am certain this is very valuable to all the Female Grey and other Parrot owners on this Forum.


We look forward to hearing more form you and seeing some Photos when you get a chance. :-)

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Hi Kiwi, and welcome to our family! Thank you for sharing that story with us. It's an issue that all of us with female greys worry about. It's helpful that you went through it, (although I'm sorry you did) for those of us that have no experience with it. Thank you, and I hope you love it here! :cheer:

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Guest briansmum

Hi Kiwi, welcome!! great post there, and as everyone has already said, very helpful. i'm so sorry you had to go through it and very glad yur baby is ok now, let's all hope it never happens again, or to anyone else for that matter.


Please share pictures if you have them and i look forward to reading your posts on other subjects.

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