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baby rattles for your baby grey


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I don't know if others have thought of this so I thought I share with you how much Tobie is enjoying his new toys from walmarts enfant department. He has a new rattle toy and another one that he can spin this clear cylinder that is full of beads. The one with the spinning bead cylinder also has a toy piano that if you push the keys it plays a tune and the minor cords flash. I also bought him a toy guitar that I mounted on the side of the cage and he can push buttons - one two or three ( they are numbered ) and they are different colors. If he pushes one the voice sais "one" . If you push it twice it sais blue and the third time it plays a tune. The rattles are $4.00 and the guitar was $8.00. He plays endlessly with these new toys. Sometimes he just carries the rattles to the top of the cage to drop them and other times he is pushing buttons and bobbing his head with the music. He figured out before I did that the cylinder would spin.. He does it with his foot. So funny.

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Try as I might, I cannot find any baby rattles that are even semi-parrot proof. I've looked here in New Zealand, and even in the Netherlands recently when I was on holiday there. I might have to whip out the credit card and do some net surfing. Cleo loves any kind of toy with a bell or rattle in it, and spends hours at a time playing with them.

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