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Thank you I have only had her for about 3 weeks but he is 10 months old and has brought alot of joy to my house hold. I have 3 chihuahua's, 1 sits there and will bark at him when the bird finds his way to the floor, and one of my chihuahua's that is what I call my problem child..lol.. I believe if the dog has a chance he will bite the bird so I watch that closely this dog I am talking about I bought off craigslist for 200.00 but not reliazing until I got him home that he was to young to be away from his mom and siblings. So I had to bottle feed that dog and he didn't get certain skills from his sibilings that he should had so he will think he is playing but he gets a little rough with it so as I said I keep a close eye on that. My wonderful hubby made tweety a jungle play gym that hangs from the ceiling and all the parts to make it came from home depot pretty inexpensive to say the least. Tweety loves to get my hubbys wedding ring off of his finger and play with it. Thats really amuzing. And as I said I am looking to buy an african grey I have a friend who owns one and her bird is funnier than I could ever imagine a bird would be. I was raised around cockateils.

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I was told she looks alot like a peach front but I was told by the avian vet she is a half moon so I don't really know too much but I got her from craigslist for 150.00 and I love her no matter what but I want so BAD to have an african grey I am a stay home mom so I have alot of time on my hands for the bird/birds possibly hopefully I have had so many try to rip me off so I am being careful because I know african greys are not cheap.

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