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Hi all


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Hi all not been on here for a while as been busy at work,Well last night i seen a add for a african grey for 300 so i rang the man who was selling her and had a chat.

He said she was perfect feather really happy and chatting all times so off i went to have a look and when i got there it was nothing as he had said not nice at all.

So i had to have her im going to need alot of help of you guys could i please send some one the pics to put up as i do not know how to do it.

He said she is female and 2yrs old im going to need all the help i can get


thanks martyn

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Oh the poor soul. Under your loving care with lots of patience and love, She will blossom.


I always love it when a grey in need of a good home finds one. At such a low price any body looking for a deal could have picked her up and then the cycle of one bad home after another would have continued.


God bless you for obtaining her. :)

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Martyn the first thing you need to do is take this poor bird to an avian vet for a full checkup to make sure she is healthy, she is obviously plucking but you need to make sure there is not a medical reason for it.

Some people will say anything to make a sale and its hard to tell what else he told you was false.

At least she is in good hands now and you will do whatever you can to make her healthy and happy but it won't be easy or quick but you have our help, all you have to do is ask.

I know you were looking for a beautiful grey but you have given this one a second chance to be well taken care of, you could have walked away but you didn't so thank you for giving her a chance to be her regal self again.

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Again, diet, no sun light, over preening, needs a blood work up to see what she's lacking, probably D/CALCIUM. While waiting for vet, get the baby sun, nut, maybe some Pedialyte,...Was the baby in a small cage or with tiny bars close together?

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She has the sweetest little face ever. When I see her calm and happy at your home, it really lifts my spirits. You are off to a good start Martyn. A little over a year ago, I was new to the African Grey experience and this forum has been a wealth of information and support. Does she have a name?

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