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A horrible fright!


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So early this afternoon I was busy doing some stuff in the kitchen, I didn't have the lights on, and since the kitchen is at the back of my condo, it stays quite dark all day. Anyway, I was doing something in there when I heard Paco flying towards the kitchen.


Upon reaching the darkened kitchen, he obviously decided he didn't like it, so he made a mid-air turn and headed back towards his cage. This is a fairly regular flight these days, so I thought nothing of it, until I realized that there was a strange silence.


Rushing into the living room, I looked around and couldn't see Paco. I started to whistle and call him as he usually calls back, he didn't. I went into my bedroom and noticed that although the outside door was open, the bird netting that I put up was all secure, and I didn't thing Paco could get past it, unless he's Houdini!


Anyway, my heart had sunk at this point! Where the heck was my bird! I was just getting ready to go outside when I heard, "Hi Pacooooo" coming from my walk-through closet. I went in, and there was Paco, sitting on a pile of laundry that I was getting ready to wash. What a relief! I couldn't even begin to explain how scared I was, but I think you here would all understand.


I gave him a little hug and took him back to his cage where I promptly shut him in for a little bit while I regained my senses.


I think he might have noticed the bird netting and made a turn, but was unable to turn again to get back out to the living room. I'm sure glad I got the bird netting, even if I did doubt it for a moment!

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I thought oh no not again but thankfully you had the bird netting in place, I can fully understand how you must have been scared sick to think Paco was gone but now you can sit and let your heart settle back into your chest as it doesn't belong in our throat, thanks for sharing that scare with us.

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