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If an Amazon and Grey were humans!


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An Amazon and a Grey have a new Microwave delivered:


- The grey would first before unpacking the Microwave read the manual.

- Take the Microwave out of the box dismantle it to see how it works.

- Do some reasearch on the internet, discover some of the dangers of electromagnetic energy, spend

the whole night worrying about it then go back to using a conventional oven!


- A Amazon would unpack it

- Plug it in.

- Discover they can get their food ready in a quarter of the time then live off unhealthy TV meals for the rest of their life.


An Amazon and Grey go on vacation:

- The grey spends weeks before the vacation putting together a vacation plan and agenda. Pin pointing all of the cultural museums and points of interest on the map.

- Takes a crash course in the local language.

- Worries for nights about the local viruses he could catch and so promptly get's himself vaccinated for every eventuality.


- An Amazon makes a mental note of the main streets and where the night life is and plans his bar crawl accordingly.

- Makes sure he knows the local lingo for Bar, Restaurants and all of the necessary chat up lines required.

- Packs nothing in his suitcase but his brightly coloured Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian shirts and plenty of inflatables for the pool!


An Amazon and Grey go to the Supermarket

- A Grey will have a pre-prepared list of what he needs, catagorised under each aisle type.

- They will read each of the lables of the food jars and stress at the quantity of additives and added salt, then spend the rest of the shopping trip worrying about the dangers this causes to man kind in general.

- Spends several hours in the wine section, selecting the perfect bottle to complement each meal he is going to prepare that week.

- Stacks his shopping trolley meticulously, looking at it as a form of Mensa puzzle.

- At the checkout uses his environmentally friendly re-usable bags, after all the stress of worrying about when the world is going to end can be helped knowing he is doing his part!


- An Amazon heads straight to the Microwavable meals and gets excited that there is a buy one get one free offer on all family sized lasagne's (that's his dinner sorted for himself!)

- Checks the labels for the fat content, after all more fat more taste!

- Stacks his trolley with only one thing in mind, more room for the cans of larger!

- Makes his way to the checkout stacked higher than the Statue of Liberty but still queues up in the 10 items or less. Convincing the checkout lady with his smooth talking that the 15 crates of larger

could be thought of as 1 item!

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