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Hurrah for Mini Bagels at My Bird Safe Store!!


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My 2 girlies love to shred these very meticulously.dance4.gif The last time I purchased these were about 2 years ago. I purchased about 600 of them so my stock is running out.biggrin.gif


Today I decided to shop for more and..eek.gif I can't believe how much the prices have gone WAY up...faint.gifin so many places!!

Some examples were like.. 200 for 40$eek.gif



Thanks goodness I decided to check out Kathie's Bird Safe Store.dance4.gifHer prices are


100 mini bagels for only $6.75dancing.gif




It will be my very first order for Emma and Sachi from this store.smile.gif While I was at it, I also purchased a few tubs of Just Tomatoes stuff (Crunchy Bananas and a tub of Hot vegetables.tongue.gif

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I think... you were referring to bird safe store, not "my" bird safe store. Their pellets are cheaper... not much though. Oh wait, I just looked at both sites, only the one pounder of Harrisons High Potency is cheaper at the store I mentioned. I only buy the 1lb bags of the high potency so thats all I looked at before I started typing. Anyway I will just stop typing now

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