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Name for my new orange wing?


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Hey all, I'm picking up my new baby in a few days and i can't wait! only problem is i don't have a name for the little birdie! Not sexed so not sure if its a hen or a cock and probably won't get him/her DNA'd either as it doesn't matter to me which it is. Breeder says might be a hen as has same coloring as the mother but its just a guess.


I had 2 names in mind (Jaffa or Molly) but would love to hear your suggestions :)



Del xxx

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Hi Del,

I like to think of names that could be for either sex when I don't know which sex the bird is who knows you may find out at a later date. Even words make cute names, ie Mischief.

I just went thru trying to come up with 2 new names for my baby fids some of the ones I was considering were Kiwi, Pogo, Bandit, Buddy,Dolly, Pee-Wee (for small conure) My husband liked names like,

Pirate, Captain, Ziggy. But the final two were, Shorty (conure) and Kenya (TAG)

Have fun picking a name and I know you must be excited about your Zon, I just love my YNA, (Lucy) she is so comical and fulls this house with laughter every day.

Smiles, Karen

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I wanted to call Diego "Pipa" but pronounced Peepa which is Spanish for Sunflower Seed. But my 2 boys over ruled me and so he became Diego.


Other cute Spanish pet names are:


Aleta - Winged

Coco - Coconut

Aldar - Which means Wise Elder

Canela - Cinnamon

Benita - Blessed

Rio - River

Tulio - Lively


It took us days before getting Diego to agree on his name, but we all enjoyed picking it as a family. Like Karen's Zon Lucy, Diego is just the same and I know exactly what she means about filling the house with laughter every day. :)

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