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Hunter and Quincy - The new Bonnie and Clyde!


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Hunter and Quincy... they are my new Bonnie and Clyde. Hunter and Quincy always get "Yard Time". When I get home, I open the gate to there cage, and then before bed I lock them up. They normally get about 4 to 6 hours of play time. Any hoo... My room mate called me at work today asking if I left there cage open, and I said "NO". Come to think of it, last week they were out without reason... So, the only think I can come up with is that Hunter and Quincy have learned to open there cage. The cage has a leaver to open and close the gate, and then at the top of the gate, there is a little hanging peice of metal that keeps the door shut and has to be turned upside down to open. I dont know how, but They learned to escape.


Ive seen quincy open the laches from the outside of the cage to let hunter out, but never from inside...


what little escape artists.

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Corky is in her second cage because of that. The first cage had spring tention latches two of them that she found out how to open so we used split rings to keep her in untill she found out how to remove the rings so than we would tie the latches closed but we would heve to change the the way tied the string because she would watch and learn how to untie the string so we would use a differant knot and rotate the knots.

Cricket our BFA needed a bigger cage so we bought a larger cage for Corky and gave Corkys cage to Cricket because the new cage had a bird prof lock. Yah.

It took Corky about a month and she could slide the latch over lift it up go to the top of the door and swing that escape proff device over and get out.

We wont use a lock because if we have to go to the basement because of a tornado I don`t want to look for a key to open it so we are back to knot rotation.

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WOW... Talk about smart... It be nice to come home and find them cooking me dinner... but one can only dream. I dont think they have nailed how to escape... cause then they would escape more often. Right now its only the 2nd time they have escaped. I Dont have a problem with them loose, but If they are loose, I have to baby proof my home, and I really dont want to move the vases I have on the counter, but the gust of hunters mighty wings have knocked them over several times, and they always stop about 1 inch from folling on the floor... Now, I lock up the vases when the birds are out... Ill see about changing some decor... Hunters New favorite spot is that Window Perch. It sits on top of my cabinet incubator... He loves to look out side. He gets to see a Macaw, chickens, turkeys, guineas, peacocks and other birds that pass by. My other parrots are too far from the window to see, but Im sure he can hear them.


Quincy enjoys her cage perch, and love walking around the house. walk walk walk, every where she walks. Ruby the baby Vosmaeri Eclectus is still to small to play with the greys in the house, but when hunter hears Ruby crying, he flys over as fast as he can. He knows that its feeding time and gets to eat Ruby's Left overs... Sometimes he wont even let me feed her so I try to feed ruby as quiet as possible.

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