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Learning to Fly - Its an Art Form...


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I wanted to let everyone know that Hunter finally learned to fly... its already an art. At first... he flew all of 2 feet and came plumetting down like a plane on fire. It was kinda funny and i was a bit scared he hurt himself, but he was just fine. I was not expecting him to learn to fly so soon, Flight seemed to have come out of no where. Once I knew that flying was around the corner, we began to practice... Like King Kong, He would clime the highest structure to attempt flight. He would fly funny at 1st and in a line and then crash into the wall and fall. His landings were not great. He loved to fly to the windows cause he could cling on to the blinds. then He would practice taking off from the blinds and flight straight. He slowly started to fly in circles or make right and left turns, but the landing was still off. I remeber he would fly and crash into my chest just so I could catch him and then hed snugle in my arms.


Now Hunter flys very well. He flys around the kitchen, to the bedrooms, to the door and hovers... YES, HOVERS!, and then turns around and flys back. I have even seen Hunter fly straight up about 6 feet and then fly forward.... I did not know parrots could fly straight up and then forward, its almost like hes a JET. Really Cute. He has nailed flying to me and landing right on my shoulder. No more crash landings.


Im so proud of him. he's about 4 or so months, He's a June baby.

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They waste no time matering this art. That first time they get loft is always precarious. I can remember running underneath Issac the whole time on his first few flights. Truly an exciting time. It just keeps getting better too. Soon they learn how to fly straight up to a perching area right above their heads. The banks and turns get sharper and they can even tuck their wings to get through narrow openings. I constantly marvel. Issac flys to the moldings of doorways and clings there like spider-bird. Most fun I have ever had having a pet. Loveable creatures.

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We live in a logcabin and at one end there is a hallway that has 3 bedrooms a bathroom and steps to the basement. Half way down the hall is the bathroom that is finshed in rough cut cedar so it`s the number 1 spot for Corky. She can fly down the hall to the bathroom stop make a 90 and fly into the room and make toothpicks out of the window frams.

It`s not funny but it is.

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