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I have searched the site & was unable to see anything relating to the quarantine of birds, so i thought i would post a little information for those members who are considering adding to their flock.


Quarantine means isolating / housing your new bird away from any existing bird in your home.Six weeks is the average acceptable time scale.


Why quarantine ? Although a bird may look perfectly healthy he may well be carrying a disease/ virus.Many avian diseases can be spread through the air.The disease may lie dormant & only appear when the bird is put in a stressful situation, this maybe a new home.

A vet check / well bird check is recommended.


Although the above may seem a lot of unnecessary hassle for some i speak from experience. I purchased a budgie/parakeet & added him to my aviary & did not quarantine him, the result, he was carrying a disease which spread to all my aviary birds.An expensive lesson to be learnt.So can you imagine how you would feel if that was to happen with your larger birds ?


I dont wish to alarm anyone & the majority of birds purchased are healthy,Quarantine is a precaution i think you should consider when adding a new feathered friend.

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This is a great post lovemygreys!


Since you speak from personal experience of the consequences of not quarantining, it emphasizes to those believing it's not necessary, that it can and will happen.....sometime.


Thanks for posting it.

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I just went through this with many pm's with Tari. As we recently purchased 2 parakeets, and have to quarantine them even after a vet check up. The recommended time was 45 days. I did not know this, and wish I had. One of them was in the same room with Talon for a short period of time.

Has I read it in the FAQ section BEFORE purchasing them. I would have had less worries. So PLEASE do write about it and post in that section. Many people are not aware of this.

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CeasarsDad wrote:

Lovemygreys.. I love this research.. I would love to have you post this in our FAQ section under the title of Quarantine... Is It Really Necessary.. would you like to do that?


CeasarsDad i would love you to post this in the FAQ section,If someone can learn from it thats a big bonus.

I'm not to technical as you know :unsure: Perhaps one of you guys could do it for me ?



Talon, The word Quarantine comes from the Italian quarantena, meaning forty day period,So 45 days was great :)

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lovemyGreys wrote:

Talon, The word Quarantine comes from the Italian quarantena, meaning forty day period,So 45 days was great :)


What an interesting fact that is lovemygreys!


You are a wealth of knowledge and good contributor to this Forum. Thanks for being so active and caring!! :-)<br><br>Post edited by: CeasarsDad, at: 2007/08/19 18:19

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