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Can Grey's Overeat?


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Makena eats, and eats, and eats, and eats. He is still being hand fed 3 times a day at about 40-50ml per feeding. We give him formula for breakfast and dinner. For lunch he gets a birdy smoothy (papaya, banana, pineapple, pine nuts and peas).


Plus he eats all throughout the day!! There is a constant bowl of fruit/veggies and pellets in front of him at all times. I would say he eats over 1/2 cup of fruits/veggies and a couple tablespoons of pellets per day. And he nibbles on little things here and there that we are eating like bread, popcorn, etc.


We are trying to cut back on his hand feedings... but he just screams when he doesn't get his food. He makes these loud wailing noises whenever he wants something to eat and won't stop until I have a syringe in hand! And then he goes to town on the thing like I have never fed him before!! The neighbors probably think I am killing my bird the way he screams!!


So does anyone know if this is normal? I keep an eye on his crop and it only stays full for about 20 minutes after eating.


I mean it is one thing to take after your parents, but this is taking things a little far :silly: !!


He is almost 14 weeks and ranges between about 420-450g. We weigh him everyday. We have an appt. on Friday with the avian vet for a checkup... I will run it by him too! Thanks guys!! Aloha!

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He's still pretty young, but its a good question to get vet feedback on. They are all such individuals...some are really finicky with eating and some will eat non-stop! I think in general most of them will regulate intake reasonably well, however, if you have a really good eater you probably need to watch more carefully what is offered and how much as they can become perch potatoes! B) If his weight stays pretty even I would not worry much. Do you always weigh at the same time of day? If not, the weight can vary quite a bit if they just ate, drank or took a good dump! :ohmy: :P

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I would definitely take advice from your vet.

I have no personal experience of feeding a very young grey, but i have three greys, 2 are 8 months old & one of those would eat all day if i let him !The other 2 seem to eat the amount they need.

Like us humans, they will all have different eating habits.

Good luck for your vet visit.

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Hi Makena,


The weight range you posted is normal. As young as your Grey is, are you sure he isn't just crunching them up and letting the crumbs and pieces just fall?


The reason I ask, is Dayo has his head in one of the 3 different food bowls constantly also. But, when I check the cage floor, most of it has been shredded or crunched into pieces and let fall.


But, as you are already planning, the Vet will advise you. :-)

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Guest Monique

Obesity in Greys is VERY uncommon. Here is a wonderful article on abundance weaning: http://www.birdsnways.com/wisdom/ww4e.htm


Have you ever heard that saying "eats like a bird" well usually that means you don't eat a lot but in reality birds usually do eat throughout the day versus sitting down for "meals" so that should not be a concern either.


Once your parrot is older and weaned you may want to change his diet so as to offer him only that which he will eat. For example 3 tbsp pellets and 4 oz of veggies. If you give them more than that then they will decide how much of what to eat and can get picky. Also they will have fun playing with their food, washing it, throwing it on the wall to make art, grinding it up into pieces and not eating it. I guess this part is not a problem but for me, for example, the food is expensive enough it ticks me off when they waste it so I don't allow that. Maybe they will only eat fruit, maybe only pellets. Maybe only their smoothie!!! I wouldn't do this prior to weaning though as you want your birdie experimenting as much as possible.

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Thanks everyone... during the day he hangs out with me. And funny enough his favorite place in the whole house is sitting on the bottom of a tray table we have. There are plenty of toys and things in the room, but he always goes back to that tray table! :P I just started sticking his food there and being that the bowls are in close proximity to his face whatever he drops goes back in the bowl. So it is pretty easy for me to judge how much he eats.


You are right though Dan... a lot of it does get ground up and goes back in the bowl. And I know what you are saying about the art Monique. Makena thinks Peas on my couch are pretty :pinch:


I attached a pic I just took five minutes ago. Luckily it is early in the morning so the place isn't a mess yet! I just fed him 40ml of formula, but that doesn't stop him!! He is a very active bird.. so my guess would be he is using a lot of calories. I will keep you guys posted on the vet visit!! Thanks!! makena_eating.jpg


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Guest briansmum

he certainly doesnt look over weight, i would think he just has a healthy appetite, but the vet will know best. looks like a yummy breakfast and he seems to love it!

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