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to clip or not to clip?


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Hello, it has been awhile. My new baby Zuri has been keeping me quite busy! I found out she is a girl! She has been with me about a month and a half now. I love her so much! She is 6 months (and some change) old and saying quite a few things. She adores snuggling in the evening. She wants to be right up close to my neck. I was worried about it at first, but I trust her now, and I think she trusts me. She lies down, and clucks in protest when I stop scratching her neck. She is getting used to her aviator leash fairly well. My question is what do people think about about the pro's and con's of wing clipping? Other than the obvious( I would be heartbroken if she flew away.) If I train her with the aviator leash? I want to hear it all. I am really sitting on the fence on this one, and I need some input to make a decision. I really have respected all that I have read on posts from this forum and I value anything that you might have to say regarding this subject. Right now her flight wings have grown out about an inch past the coverts. She is starting to fly down from her playtop on her cage to the floor on occasion. I am willing to train her to stay on a perch etc; Idon't want to make a decision out of laziness on my part. I want to make a decision on the well being of her. Please help! Thank you! Oh, and I wanted to tell people that I found this great travel cage meant for dogs or cats that clips into a base that buckles into your car seat that a perch can screw into the side. It has a opening in the top for viewing, and a built in water/ food cup. Pet smart carries it if anyone needs to purchase such a thing. Zuri has been on a few roadtrips in it already, and I have found it to be really handy! Anyway, let me know your thoughts about the flight feathers maybe you will have some view I have not thought of- thank you!

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Hello and welcome back! Glad to hear it sounds like things are going well with your little girl! B) I think you will find the thread below of interest as it seems to cover the issue you are inquiring about quite well.


Please dont stay away so long! We want our community members to be active here, enjoy and learn! ;)


http://www.greyforums.net/component/option,com_joomlaboard/Itemid,27/func,view/catid,5/id,25836/<br><br>Post edited by: dblhelix, at: 2007/08/19 09:05

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Hi lovemybird,


Thanks for the update on your new Grey. It sounds like you two were made for each other. :-)


You have made good progress in familiarizing her with the Aviator and I'll bet you have already been on some outings with it?


The travel carrier you described sounds wonderful. I have not seen that carrier at the Petsmart here, but will check online for it.


As dblhelix pointed you to the topic link on to Clip or not, if you have any questions or comments, please post them.


You know we all like to give our opinions! ;-)


Please post some photos when you get a chance, we love them.:woohoo:

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Guest Monique

It's in the Health and Nutrition section. If you cannot find it PM me as I published it a few times and somehow it got unpublished so if it disappears again I'll have to figure out what's going on.

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Thank you for your post, that article was helpful.. I think I have decided to allow her to fly. Definately not judging those who choose to clip. Because I was on the fence on both options.. Just for me I think I would feel like I was taking away somethingand I would feel bad about it. It is a tough choice for sure.I guess I will buy the extension for my aviator leash when she's ready. Anyway, thank you- I searched clipping and did not come across that article. Very helpful.

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