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I have a baby


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Been awhile since I posted but just to let you know I now have a 5 week old baby CAG. Of course bubby is still with the breeder and will be until weaning. He's sending me regular photos though (lives about a 3hour drive away) so I'm getting to watch my little darling grow up. I'm just a little excited having wanted a grey for something like 20 years.

Can I put photos of bub here or do I need to use the gallery?

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HI Percysmum,


I'll bet you are having a hard time containing yourself :-)


I am so happy for you. One of your long time dreams has come true!


Yes, you can post an image in your Post by clicking on the button at the bottom of the text entry area, then click on [browse] and browse to the photo on your PC you wish to upload. One note though, you will need to reduce the photo to 500 pixels wide to post it.


Of course you can also add them to the Gallery also :-)


Thanks for offering to post the photos. We love photos :woohoo:

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