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question about poop


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i am always paranoid that milos poop is abnormal. its usualy green and sometimes very wet, im not worried about this, last night they wer really dark brown not runny but im worried why this is,


today thay have been back to green, hes on a seed diet with fruit and veg, the only new thing he has had was pomegranet seeds but i dont know why that wud make is dropping come like that?


i have seen on the internet that dark brown/black can mean theres a problem, hes only 13 weeks at the moment.


anyone know if its normal.

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Pat is right.


The poop color and how solid it is depends on what they ate and how much water it contained or they drank.


Sometimes Dayos Poop is very watery in the first morning poop. The color varies depending on what he ate. Yellow is eggs, dark brown to black can be meat, banana nut bread, red can be from strawberries or red pellets etc.

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im gonna try the beets thing!


i had hoped everything was ok, none of the actual poop itself is runny its well formed no matter what colour it is.


he is also spending a lot of time on the floor of his cage, he climbs all over it but he naps in the bottom. i know they like to scratch around on the floor of the cage and stuff but im just wondering if hes spending too much time down there?! maybe its a baby thing as if he does go on a pearch its usually the one low down unless hes eating then he goes on the eating pearch.


thanks for all ur reasurances!

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