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Sorry to bring this one back up, I have my quaker he just turned 2 Bazil has never said a word not that I haven't thought I heard him mumble to himself at night while I am watching tv, I have been trying too. To get Bazil to stop his biting he "hisses" at everyone and bites (never broken skin) but the little bugger loves to do it, Unfortuently he was clipped when we got him at 14wks and never learned to fly, his poor little chest is pumping whenever he gets a chance to try to fly,and I am so nervous on his "landings" they tend to be a little rough I have pics posted here showing me handle Bazil and you can just he has to come out of the cage on his own and then you can ask him to step up and he will... So i guess I am looking for advise, I have sat with him for hours talking quietly over his hisses and screams I give him a bath daily otherwise he will be in his water dish everytime I clean it and we kiss and cuddle after every bath he loves treats nutriberries are his fav!! and brown rice.. so is this as good as it will get or is there something else I can try to improve our relationship.. thanks for reading my sob story lol... Bonnie

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I don't know what else you can try I've never had a quaker. I've heard they are 1 person birds though maybe he just needs some quality one on one time have you tried some trick training or anything maybe he needs something more from his human than just being talked to oe held. just a sugestion.

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