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advice on eggfood


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I haven't heard of it so I can't tell you much. I am just wondering if it is originally made for canaries if it would have the kind of nutrients a grey needs? I know they have different diet needs. Hmmm. Hopefully someone else will know more about it.

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If you are talking about Dutch mix, (egg and biscuit mix), there is no harm in giving your grey a little to eat, but you cannot base his sole diet on that.


It is used as a supplement for canaries, especially when raising chicks, or for canaries that are breeding. The main ingredients are breadcrumbs and egg powder, so provides a lot of protein for a bird, but little else, unless it has added vitamins and minerals.


Even when used for breeding canaries, this mix is only given once a week, and chicks get a teaspoon a day, on top of whatever else the breeder is feeding them.


I have 2 lorikeets and one went through a moult not so long ago, so I gave the birds some Dutch mix on a daily basis, as growing new feathers takes a lot of energy and protein (feathers are about 88% protein). I have offered my grey some of the mix but she turns her beak up at it.


The timing of you asking this is funny, as I found out a few weeks ago that my grandfather in Holland used to be an avid canary fan and breeder, and was chairman of one of the biggest canary clubs in the country. It was my mother who was able to tell me all this about the egg and biscuit mix.


Anyway hope that answers some of your questions.

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