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Texas bird - Holly

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We just got Holly (female Timneh) a few days ago and are so happy to have her. She needed a new home and comes to us at the young age of 11 years old. I have read a lot of the post here and everything else I can find about greys. I have wanted one for soooo long. And then she came along. I was raised on a farm so raising non humans was a way of life. My family at one time raise Bob white quail and I hope to teach Holly their distinctive call.

We have had several Cockatiels both named George. They are no longer with us but were great birds.


Holly had 2 familys before us so she has many voices to share. Today was her third day here and wow she really came out. We got quite a show from her at bedtime. She did not want to be covered tonight and insisted on talk to us. Was also the first time she did not sleep on the highest perch but instead roosted on the perch closest to the couch where we were sitting. We hope that is a sign of her accepting us as her new flock.

We can already tell how smart she is. She is already telling us what she wants and makes the cutest sounds when I take her food dish to fill it.


I made her a tree perch from some pecan branches I had cut earlier this year. She took right to it as you can see.


Thank you to everyone for posting tips and information that helped us decide to take this challenge and commitment. I just made the profile tonight and have posted information on the SugerGlider thread as I once raised them and hedgehogs.


We hope to have many year to enjoy Holly and are considering adding to the flock already. Our kids love her and hearing all her voices and sounds.

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Welcome HollysFlock and Holly!!


It's GreYt having you here. :-)


The videos of Holly show that she has really taken to her new home and flock. The tree stand you made is wonderful, but I do need to let you know she wil soon snap those tie wraps. :-)


I watched one video where she is using something to what appears to be scratching herself. She quite the well socialized Grey and is very fortunate to have found such a wonder forever home finally.


Looking forward to hearing and seeing much more about Holly and of course you.

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Hello Hollysflock and welcome to our family, we are so glad you could join us and we look forward to hearing more about you and Holly.


That was so wonderful that you were able to rehome Holly and she is turning out to be such a delight to have, birds that have already been in several homes sometimes come with unwanted baggage but she seems to be adjusting very well.


Expect to see some more of her personality to come out in the next weeks and months as she settles in and feels more comfortable, this is still the honeymoon phase right now but you seem to be doing the right things and I can imagine it will continue to go smoothly.


I am glad to hear you found lots of useful information in our many threads as there is not too many subjects we haven't covered, most any question has been asked and knowledgeable members have chipped in to give what they know and if we don't know the answer then we refer you to your avian vet.


I did enjoy the videos of Holly, thanks for sharing them with us but I noticed that the bark was still on the branches, that should have been removed before using it for playstands. You will find some threads in the toys and playstands room that instruct you in how to remove the bark and make the wood safe for our fids.


Welcome to greyt ownership.:P

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Hello and Welcome to the forum!


That is so wonderful of you to rehome Holly, she is so lucky to have found a loving home. It sounds like she is adjusting to her new home very good.


Thats a very creative perch you made for her, if you get a chance you should post it in the homemade toys and playstands room and tell us how you made it. ;)


I look forward to hearing more about you and Holly, she sounds like a real character.

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Thank you for the welocme.


She has been keeping us entertained. We never know day by day whether she is in the mood for people time. Although she does call us for her dinner. We get all kinds of sounds, meow, woof, Hello Hellllooo etc, We even heard her bad kitty meow - that was sooo funny.


The stand is made from the pecan tree that grows in our front yard. It has to be trimmed every year usually twice a year to keep the city happy. I used the zip ties to hold it in place so I could nail or screw the pieces in place. The ladder had to be (Holly tested) adjusted for her. She does not chew a lot and is not really a toy destroyer and is happy just to sit on it and observe us. Mostly she only chews leather and paper they get a real nawing. I am making a foraging tree from a large branch I had to remove from over the driveway. It has many branches and I am removing the bark from it. I will post so pictures of it soon.

Thanks again for the welcoming.

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