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Rudy still in love with her formula

Codys Mom

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Rudy turned 10 weeks old friday so I waited to see if she was going to send out the, I'am hungry alarm for this afternoon and yep she did right around 2:30 on the dot but it seems like she is eating alot she will take a good 2 and a half syrnges full before she quits then it cuddle time for at least a good 15 minutes, but at nite she wants a good 30 minutes of cuddling , I know I'am going to miss this time with her when she grows up so I'am really cherishing theese baby days and do not disturb her once she gets in her position with her head all tucked in your chest or she will really squawk , I think she maybe a just a touch spoiled to :)plus she has her own cuddly blanky just for her

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Yes, cherish every second of those baby days. They will be cherished for ever and missed when their gone. Gets lots of photos and videos to revisit those moments in the future. :-)


It's GreYt to hear Rudy is doing so well under your loving care. :-)

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