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Aloe Juice


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Hello! The ONLY place I've been able to find Aloe Juice is at Walmart. It's a little difficult to find, but it should be located in the pharmacy/nutritional supplements section. If you can't find it, do what I did and write down the product code and give it to the pharmacy counter staff letting them know that you can't find it. It saved me what would have probably been a half hour or so of searching. Here's the link to it on their website:




I use mine straight, no dilution necessary.

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I have found it at Walmart and a the local drugstores like CVS, Walgreens. I didn't know where to find it either so I just asked someone that worked there.


Some people mix it with a little bit of water and others use it without deleting it. Its up to you. When I have a full gallon of it, I give it full strength. When I am running low I dilute it with water:whistle:<br><br>Post edited by: BaxtersMom, at: 2009/07/19 21:12

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