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rodent repeller


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my cat is being very naughty and bringing live mice in. usually i can catch them but i'm sure i've got more than one running about the flat.

i brought a electric shock box to trap them a few days ago but no luck.


will a plug in rodent repeller harm tigerlily? they say on the box that humans, cats and dogs cant hear it but nothing about birds.


does anyone also know if the repeller actually kills the little buggers. i didn't think they did and i was just hoping to draw them out so the sparky can catch them but i just read on the internet that a pet gerbil died cause of one.


but i'm mostly concerned that it might effect tigerlily

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Peanut butter works great also but a rodent repeller is the best I use the rid X rodent repeller it also repells bugs so it says anyway. it works with the wireing of your home they have a web site www.riddex.com<br><br>Post edited by: Tycos_mom, at: 2009/07/18 17:38

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i've got a box that give an electric shock when the mouse goes inside that i've lined with peanut butter and chocolate and 9:00am this morning spent over £40 on three rodent repellers.

it's now 10:00pm and i can still see the little bugger under the sofa



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well, i got home from work just now, swearing vengance on this mouse.


got home and yes, there it was, still under the sofa.


so, out came the sofa followed by the mouse.


sparky(my cat) caught it then took it under my bed:evil:


so i knelt on the floor and looked under the bed and sparky lets go of the mouse


who runs under my legs,


but i didn't see where it went,




i realised it was up my trousers:lol: :woohoo:


so i held my trouser leg so it couldn't get out, crawled to the front door, hopped outside then let my trouser leg go,


but the mouse came out the other one:laugh: :lol:


oh how i love my cat!

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well least the mouse is gone. I used to have a cat that liked to bring me live mice. I had a patio window off my bedroom and she would sit out there at night and meow to come in. I could always tell if she was meowing with a mouse in he mouth. If I let her in she would jump upon the bed and drop the mouse on me. and of course i'd scream the mouse would run with the cat chasing the mouse it was horrible so I stopped letting her in after about the third time she did this. And that silly cat would pile up the dead mice outside that door all night long when one would die from her playing with it she would go get another one. one morning I woke up to 8 mice outside my bedroom door. Silly silly cat. I just loved her to pieces.:laugh:<br><br>Post edited by: Tycos_mom, at: 2009/07/20 14:32

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