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What is it that Biggles is doing??!!


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Ello peeps,


For the last week or so, whenever Biggles comes out of his cage, he will NOT leave me alone. He grunts and squeaks and goes all floppy when he steps up, which ends up with him laying on his back in my lap....still grunting. He is lowering his wings also.

He has also taken an incredible dislike to my husband, whom he always got on with well until now!

Biggles has just turned 2 so am wondering whether its a hormonal thing or if there could be anything more serious.

If it is hormonal, what should I do?? I don't want to encourage it, but then I also don't want him to worry if he doesn't get the attention he's used to!

Hellllppppp!!! lol


Amy xx

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Awww... I thought it may be something like that. Am pleased that it's something positive, but i do feel sorry for hubby as he loves Biggles just as much as I do, and he feels rather rejected now lol. Am hoping it's just a lil phase he's going through and that he'll soon like hubby again :)

Thanks tigerlily



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Biggles is in LOVE! Time to build a nest and raise a clutch. Hehehehe.


Don't worry, this time will pass and he'll get back to normal, until the next time that is. :blink:


My Amazon "Franky" would do this once or twice a year and he became a disgusting little bird during these times. It wasn't so much how he'd react to me, it was all the noises he made when he, uhhhh, ummmm, errrr, uuuuhhh... how do I say it???, was "lovin" one of his toys. Made me want to close the windows and curtains so the neighbors couldn't hear! :ohmy: If only there was a market for "Adult films". A video camera, a bird in "heat", some toys, and I could have become rich!!!! ;)


Within a week or two it would start to fade and he'd turn back into his old self and so will Biggles.


Tom<br><br>Post edited by: SamsDad, at: 2009/07/18 03:49

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lolol cheers for the post Tom. That certainly made me chuckle & yes I agree, there should be a market out there!! :P

Am so pleased that it's normal behaviour and I suppose i should be flattered that I have been given the title of the chosen one hehehe.


And there was me thinking that I only had one teenager with raging hormones in my house!! (my 13 yr old son) :lol:



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