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Greys & Service Dogs


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Hey all,


Although I am still living at home I plan to gradually become more independant over the course of the next few years.

I am disabled and suffer from Spastic Diplegia (form of cerebral palsy), I am mobile but am shaky and it doesn't take much for me to slip and fall (wintertime is a particular nightmare) and it can be tough for me to stand up again. I also have problems with coordination and strength so lifting/carrying things and moving around while carrying things can be difficult as well as climbing stairs.

As such I plan to (hopefully) get a service dog to be able to get around my community and do things on my own safely.

I am worried about Jacko though because he hates dogs with a passion---but I will need to have the dog with me. Anybody have any tips or thoughts???

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Oh my! Do you know anyone with a dog that would be willing to bring him/her around a few times per week to get Jacko accustomed to the presence of a dog? How often is he exposed to dogs? This is going to sound REALLY silly but perhaps getting a large stuffed toy dog to have sitting in the living space? I know that sounds really goofy but I read about a technique for preparing greys for a new baby by carrying around a baby doll before the "real deal" arrives to help with the transition.<br><br>Post edited by: chimaysmommy, at: 2009/07/17 16:45

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That sounds like a great idea though not totally like having a real dog but it would help Jacko get at least tolerant of it for if you are going to have to get a service dog eventually then they will have to learn to co-exist and you need to start now.

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Well guys I already live with a dog (and Jacko lived with a large sheperd mix for many years before I got him) so it's not so much that he is afraid or isn't used to them...

He just thinks it's great fun to charge them, bite them and chase after them while they run yelping from the room (obviously I don't let him now that I know)and if he is in his cage he runs to the bottom, puffs up and begins strutting back and forth... so I should I give him treats everytime he's around the stuffed dog or something for positive reinforcement???

I could also do what I've been doing in terms of the tiel and that is whenever Jacko is out of his cage and is aggressive towards the tiel I go over and towel him up quick (he hates towels) and put him back in his cage for a minute or two for a time out. Seems to be working...

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Greys and other species of parrots can be very used to a dog that lives in a house as long as the bird accepts the dog. A new service dog or any other new dog is a totally different creature to a parrot than the dog it's used to even though the new animal looks like a dog. Parrots don't look at a certain species of animal and decide to accept that new animal just because they're the same species. One dog is totally different than another dog. As a matter of fact, hypothetically, you could have a shepherd in the house which the bird is used to and decide to add the sister or brother of that shepherd into the house. Same sizer, same color, same general personality but the bird will know it's a new animal no matter how identical they are. Many parrots don't accept 4 legged animals. Many parrots will freak out in their cage and break flight feathers and scream while trying to get away. I've seen this many many times.

This is a special situation and we're not knowledgable enough to give suggestions where service dogs are involed. Their training is totally different than other dogs no matter what duties they're trained for,

In your situation, because this is a special case bordering on medical issue, you need to have a serious conversation with the place that the service dog will come from. That's the safe way to do it. They can tell you what must be avoided concerning a special service dog and they can tell you what will be accepted by the dog plus, you can't train an established parrot to accept any new animal.<br><br>Post edited by: Dave007, at: 2009/07/17 20:20

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