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sweet milo!


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last night i was very sad as my nan is not her best and i had seen her that everning, i came home very sad and crying and i went to c milo to cheer me up, i went to his cage and he came out really quietly on my hand and i took him to my bedroom and literaly cuddled him for ages holding him close and he was quiet as a mouse and he climbed up a bit and snuggled his head under my chin, his face was really pink, useally hes really active and jumping on my head and flying round.


do u think he knew something was wrong? cuz when i saw him today he was jumping round as usual and i had greeted him as usual!


he is so sweet and i love him more each day!

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There is no doubt our greys "Feel" our emotions, just as our Dogs and other critters do as well.


It's too bad most us humans have lost many of the more "In Touch with the world" senses we had just a few generations ago.

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