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mistaken Idenity

Codys Mom

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Rudy forgot who her momma is lol, she was on the playstand with KC my Eclectus and she moved over to him and started begging with her mouth wide open she was right up to his beak, KC was not amused lol he got a strange look on his face and let out a big squawk and flew off the playstand, he seems to get along with her very well but I guess that was a little to much , awww my poor boy KC, me and hubby just had to laugh at that one

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Oh poor Rudy who needed a little love :kiss: and poor KC got the bejesus scared out of him :ohmy: . But I know what you mean. I have an Eclectus and my little Ana Grey is always coming up to him and Sully shrieks like the devil is after him. It is funny because he is so much larger than my little grey. Thanks for the chuckle!!!

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