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Warm mushy food


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Cleo absolutely loves warm mushy food. She goes nuts over warm oatmeal, and recently managed to get a few gobfulls of the lorikeet nectar replacement mix.


She doesn't just eat it, she puts her whole beak into it and scoops out great big globs, like a pelican feeding, then smacks it down while dribbling out the sides.


Does anyone else have any suggestions of food that have that same warm mushy consistency that I might be able to feed her?

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Well you know you can make a warm mushy food out of most anything if you cook it and mash it up real good, fruits, vegetables, legumes and the list goes on and on.


Josey loves oatmeal in the mornings with a little red palm oil in it but I feed it to her with a small spoon, makes less mess that way and I wipe her beak when done.

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Actually Judy I hadn't thought of that! Thank you for pointing that out. I shall get my sieve out and puree some things. I might even see if there's any baby food on the supermarket shelves and see how she likes that.


I thought about making her eat politely off a spoon, but she enjoys the "normal" way so much, I'll put up with the dribbles.


Dan, that slinging of food yes. If I'm not unknowingly covered in bird poop down my back, then it surely is dried globs of oatmeal in my hair!

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Well the Heinz organic baby food was a real hit! I had to eat a little first in front of her and make lots of "yummy" noises. Once Cleo decided she wanted what I had, there was no stopping her.


Thanks for the advice guys!


Must admit, baby food tastes pretty bland lol.

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tigerlily loves the dry mix stuff that you mix with water, i tried the jar stuff but she didn't take to that.

but she will make a right mess with the baby food.

must admit though, i had to "pretend" to eat it at first to get her interested but was suprised how well it taste:laugh:

she has her own spoon and she cant get enough of the stuff:laugh:

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