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Free Samples of good bird food

Codys Mom

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I recieved my free samples of Roudybush and Harrisons today , Roudybush gave some really nice samples 2 nice size little bags of small and medium pellets

heres the phone numbers u can call them and ask them to send u free samples and they will

Hagen 1-800-225-2700

Harrisons 1-800-346 0269

Roudybush 1-800-326-1726

LaFeber 1-800-842-6445

Zeigler 1-800-841-6800

enjoy :)

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And a response from Lafeber -


"Hello Liz,Thank you for contacting us and congratulations on your baby grey! I will be glad to send samples of all our diets for him to try. I will also include our catalog with information. I hope he enjoys! Please let us know if you have any questions once the samples arrive. Good luck with him!"

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