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Pics of Baby Biscotti

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Hello chelseaB, welcome! The pics of your baby are adorable. Love the red coming in! Your baby is a week older than mine. What is his/her hatch date? Do you know yet the sex? My babies hatch date is June 6. Will be 6 weeks this friday. Not much red coming out yet.

Thanks for sharing pics. Cant wait for more...and then we can watch them grow up "together" lol


Heres a pic of my baby, still don't know the sex yet.



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I have tentativly chosen the name Biscotti, unless It just doesn't seem to fit the babys personality. ( It's a pretty unisex sounding name, so I think could go either way.) Having your baby living with you will give you an idea of personality, so I'm sure you'll come up with a perfect fitting name for your baby!!

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