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murphy swallowed ink


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Talon occasionally will find a pen left behind. She chews the end off, her tongue turns blue....I then take a wet baby washcloth, and keep sticking it in her mouth, where she will bite it, and get the blue ink off as much as possible. She has been fine after. I have never taken her to the vet for this. But certainly if it was a lot, I would advise it.

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as it was the weekend my vet was not in and i could not get a hold of the vet on call so as we had cought it early (right as he got the metal piece off) we took wet towels and mad him bite down the i put him in the shower so he would drink water and gave him his fav. refried beans to flush the little bit that he might have swallowed out. he is doing fine he scared me half to death. thanks for the posts

Tiffany & Murphy

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