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breeders you can trust!!


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I just became a member and I just read char's story about going to a breeder and seeing the birds in disgusting living quarters. When I hear stories like that it puts me into a blind rage. So I thought we should have a topic where we could share our favorite places to get a feathered friend. So I'll start... Without a doubt the best place I have found is pretty parrots and friendly ferrets. One of the co-owners has an immense love for birds, as we all do. You can tell she doesn't do it for the money. I did a lot of looking before I decided on who to buy my grey from and she defenitly gets 5 stars in my book. And "most" of her birds are around $400 to $600 cheaper. I would reccomend this place to anyone. I'd love to hears your favorite places and why they are.

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