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Not real sure if I have a problem or not

Codys Mom

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when I feed our new baby he/she eats then still makes the begging noise for at least 10 minutes afterwards, he isn't still hungry because his crop is full and he is refuseing any more formula,so anyone have any idea whats is going on here,and the temp I have been feeding at is between 107 and 108 and I test it on my wrist to make sure it isn't to hot ,plus I have a digital thermomator am wondering if I should make a vet appointment or not or could this be that he or she is a little spoiled and is wanting attention after eating,I usually take him/her to the recliner with me after I clean up the mess and thats cuddling time for us , he is on 3 handfeedings and he does this everytime but he didn't do this at the breeders because I handfed him their the morning I picked him up, I don't know any advice please????:(

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wheewwwwwwwwwwww so glad to hear that cause she seems very normal in every other way, I have handfed around 5 or 6 babies before including a baby cag and never had one beg after a feeding thats why I was a little worried she gets lots of attention and after every feeding we go to the recliner and cuddle ,at her last nite feeding, I throw a soft towel around her and we get all confy and she falls asleep then hates for me to move and if I move her she goes under the towel and back to sleep lol I really think she is a girl lol but going to do dna test in a few weeks to find out for sure, ty I'am very much relieved now :)

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