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Getting Harness Ready


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Well, we've had Mischief for just over a year now. We clipped her wings when we adopted her so she could get used to the new house and her new area. A few months ago we stopped and she figured out the other day that she can fly once again. We're going to keep her flighted, and now I want to try and train her for a harness. Any tips would be fantastic. She's not a bird that loves to be touched, so I think this will be a challenge for everyone. However, I like to take her to Parrots in the Park and the bird fairs, but now that she is flighted, she need to wear a harness or no dice to the outdoors!


She is a TAG, so I am wondering two things. 1) What size would be good to get for her and 2) Where do you buy bird harnesses? I'd be afraid that she would chew and chew and chew to get if off of her asap. So, I'm thinking that a lot of training will be needed. Suggestions? Thanks!

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i bought an aviator harness size medium for my cag i got it off ebay,


theres lots of places online tho, i dont know if u live in the uk or america but im i the uk and i ordered mine from america as they were £10 cheaper.


they do seem a great idea as i dont want to clip milos wings either but it would be nice to be able to take him to the park or petshop or fairs etc!


im not ssure what size u wud need so i'll let someone else answer that. they will tell u the siing tho wherever u buy them.


i was also worried bout them escaping but the aviator is the only "parrot proof" harness on the market.


milo is just 11 weeks so fingers crossed it wont be to stressful for him,


i think its a goo idea to practice touching them all over as much as u can in preperation, and rewarding them with a favourite treat,

i have already started lifting milos wings slightly and touching his head.


the aviator harness has no clipd to rub or irritate and everyoe on here seems to think they r great.

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I just purchased one from eBay. They said a SMALL would be right for my TAG. It may even fit my Alexandrian, too. Once I get the proper fit, I'll have to order one more. Then, a large for my Amazon. :woohoo:


I hope I'll be able to work with Mischief for this thing. Thanks for the response!

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It's GreYt to hear Mischief is gaining flight again. :-)


Please watch the DVD that comes with the Aviator Harness carefully and more than once. The first thing you need to do is get her used to the sight of the harness and the ability to touch her just about everywhere including lifting the wings.


Just take it slowly until it all falls together. I she has a bad experience from the get go with the harness, it is unlikely you will ever be successful in getting near her again.


But, the rewards for patience with this a greYt for your bird and you. :-)

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