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In awe of Emma


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I just wanted to say that these days I am pretty stunned and in awe of Emma. {Feel-good-00020114}In the past she'd pick up 1 phrase once a week or two.


Lately she seems to be pulling out all kinds of phrases on a daily basis. Or repeating phrases after having heard them only once. Kind of makes me feel like she's been secretly practicing on her own, just to spring and dazzle it on us when we least expect it. These days she yaks and yaks and yaks.:pinch: I now know what some of you meant when you mentioned that "they don't shutup once they find their voice"


In front of strangers she clams up and doesn't talk at all.


I'm not complaining about this one bit. in fact, I am making the effort to help her associate her sentences.


For example .. when she says "wanna drink some water?" - I offer her water. When she says "wanna scratchie?" I either offer her a head scratch or respond by saying " not now, I just gave you a head scratch." I guess I am trying to teach her how to ask for what she wants. Today she said something that I've never heard her say before which was.. "wanna go for a walk walk?" So of course I told her no problem, we'd go for a walk walk after she was dry from her shower.


I think what encourages her is that we always make a point to respond to whatever she says and I would think she really enjoys the interaction.<br><br>Post edited by: lovethatgrey, at: 2009/07/11 04:32

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I do the exact same thing with Tyco and sometimes the things she comes out with I have no idea where she got them from like this morning she said comeon Mom wakey wakey its time to get up. I have never said that to her and have no idea where it came from it was such a suprize I said where did you learn that. and she said it again and in my daughters voice. I guess she heard my daughter say it and picked it up from her. Its amazing what they can learn in a very short time. they hear somthing once and if appeals to them they will say it. Even Adaya one day I was making a clucking sound with my tongue on the roof of my mouth it appealed to her and she watched me and stared into my mouth to see how I was making the sound and within a day or two she could do it perfectly its was so funny the first time she showed me she could do it she got so excited just like a little kid that just learned to tie their shoes or something.

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